“Kill Mode”

I made a feature film. It’s called KILL MODE. It’s a sci-fi action film and the hardest thing I’ve ever done by quite a margin. I’m extremely proud of the result and everyone who worked on it these past couple of years. I can’t wait to share it with you. This movie exists only by the grace of everyone who helped us along the way, from the amazing cast and crew, to Imagine, Frontières and Ravenbanner.

I honestly could never have dreamed to work on a project that would warrant such an epic poster. Though it is extremely painful that I’ll never get to show Dave this one sheet, I’m very happy that he’s on it front and center. This movie was as much his dream project as it was mine and I’ve been incredibly lucky that we got to make this together.

I’m also extremely proud to share the first teaser footage of our ambitious indie action flick. We were convinced that with clever planning and shooting we’d be able to make a sick action movie for an incredibly modest budget, and we can’t wait to share what we pulled off.

(For those of you who happen to have seen ’Molly’, the feature I co-directed with Colinda Bongers, and were curious about those visions/flashbacks the title character has throughout the movie, that’s what ‘Kill Mode’ is about. But these films are very different in tone and style, and are designed to be able to be viewed separately or together and in any order you prefer.)