The Top 5 movies where the main character ends up covered in mud

5. High Fidelity

Am I the biggest John Cusack fan? No. Am I a fan? Not particularly. But I never dislike him. At any rate, this film kicks ass. Mostly because the main character is a compulsive list-maker (Coincidence? I THINK NOT!)

In this scene Cusack is trying to hide from his ex girlfriend by jumping into some bushes and landing in the mud. Classic comedy. I couldn’t find a picture of him in the mud, so I added one of him in the rain, but since mud is 50% water, I guess I’m halfway there and that should be good enough for all of us. Moving on…


4. Apocalypse Now

I’ve heard say that Apocalypse Now should feature in every movie top-list ever. But I’ve heard say the same about Citizen Kane and I couldn’t think of any excuse to put that movie in here, due to a disappointing lack of mud, so I guess the people who do the saying which I will then hear, are often full of shit. Apocalypse now however, does have a place in this list, and I bring up the image above as exhibit number one. Apocalypse Now is of course among the greatest movies ever made, and scores arguably just above Britney Spears’ Crossroads.

Query: Is Platoon a prequel?


3. Predator

I ain’t got time to write a bit on Predator in a way that references its many awesome oneliners.


2. Jurassic Park

The four commandments of great filmmaking:

  • Thou shalt film at Night
  • Thou shalt film in the Rain
  • Thou shalt feature Dinosaurs
  • Thou shalt cast Jeff Goldblum (not pictured)


1. Seven Samurai

I couldn’t find a color image from Seven Samurai, presumably because the world was still in black and white in 1954, but this film is arguably the mother, father, grandpa, ancestor and second cousin thrice removed of any modern action movie. This bitch got everything: Epic battles, drama, comedy, characters, cinematography to make you give up filmmaking yourself, everything needed to keep you locked to the screen for it’s relatively long running time of 18 weeks. My Gosh, that’s almost as long as that sentence was!


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