Thijs Meuwese is an award winning writer and director at Get Off The Road films.

In 2016 he wrote MOLLYhis first english language feature film, which he co-directed with Colinda Bongers. It was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and is available here. It was nominated for the Black Tulip Award for best film when it premiered at Imagine.

He then went on to write and direct KILL MODE, a sci-fi action film that won best pitch at the Imagine/Frontières Pitching contest and was nominated for the Meliès D’Argent award for best European Genre film by the coalition of European genre festivals. It was released on blu-ray in 2020.

He’s currently developing and financing his next project.

When he’s not working on films he spends his time collecting blu-rays, comics, toys, playing D&D and hanging about on Twitter, but has on occasion been spotted using Instagram and Letterboxd.

Cool, so what’s a Dinonaut?

A Dinonaut is someone who rides a dinosaur. But are they though? I’m not sure that’s correct. Maybe it’s someone who travels towards a dinosaur? Come to think of it, an astronaut travels through space. So a dinonaut is someone who travels through a dinosaur. So it could be kinda like Inner Space meets Jurassic Park. I’d totally watch that movie.

So does a Juggernaut travel through jugs? WAIT is a juggernaut just an alcoholic?!