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On the subject of guns.

With yet another terrible mass shooting in the US, I’ve seen the discussion on the use of guns and gun violence in movies come up again. And as someone who makes action movies, often with the protagonists/good guys using guns, I thought I’d give my two cents on the subject….

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The Incredibles is incredible

After rewatching The Incredibles for the millionth time, preparing for the release of the upcoming sequel, I decided to write down some of my thoughts on it’s core theme, which I feel is one rarely addressed in other movies: It is about ‘raising gifted children’. The superpowers are an allegory…

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Isle of Stray Dogs

The dog without an owner as an allegory for a Ronin (masterless Samurai) is a cute find, and while arguably the best looking of Wes Anderson’s films yet, the choice to have the Japanese characters speak unsubtitled Japanese, but have both the dogs and the Americans speak perfect English is…

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Ready Player One and the Escapist Dystopia

I’ve never even read the book. I know people who have, they liked it, and it’s apparently a ton of fun. I’ve seen some people put it down online as being a badly written list of ’80s stuff its writer Ernest Cline likes, catering just to nerds in a self-esteem…

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The Last Jedi is pretty great you guys

I went to The Last Jedi opening night and I really liked it, but thought it was very weird, a little uneven in tone, and that it possibly had a little too many twists. But I knew Rian Johnson as a filmmaker, having been a huge fan ever since Brick…

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Oh geez, really?

So some cool men have been looking at the trailer for my movie Molly and were apparently super threatened by it? How in the Good Lord’s sweet name is the patriarchy to survive now that there’s a little tiny indie movie out there with a female lead!? THINK OF THE…

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Social Media Musings

I should admit that, most of the time, I can barely work up the interest to keep up to date with what my closest friends are doing, especially on social media. I mostly just read up on Marvel movie rumours and whatever’s going on with Henry Cavill’s moustache today. Answer:…

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The Top 5 movies where the main character ends up covered in mud

5. High Fidelity Am I the biggest John Cusack fan? No. Am I a fan? Not particularly. But I never dislike him. At any rate, this film kicks ass. Mostly because the main character is a compulsive list-maker (Coincidence? I THINK NOT!) In this scene Cusack is trying to hide…

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